• Professional implementation of entry of foreign technological companies in the CEE markets

    • Analysis of business opportunities and business risks of the given market as a whole.
    • Expert evaluation of the product or service USP in relation to the target group.
    • Evaluation of the market position of competitors and monitoring of their local activities.
    • Elaboration of several differentiated strategies of the product launching in the market.
    • Formation of an expert group of external consultants to implement the selected strategy.

    To minimize risks and check the costs related to the entry of technological companies in unknown markets, we offer these three basic strategic models of cooperation and possibilities of their mutual combinations.

    Creation of sales representation in possession of a foreign partner

    • Complete administrative-legal provision of the branch, including determination of a suitable legal form with regard to optimization of the future tax burden.
    • Optimum adjustment of internal processes of the sales representation with regard to specific local conditions and regulations with respect to the corporation rules.
    • Help with sales management of the local branch, elimination of risks and management errors in an unknown environment of CEE countries.
    • Personal provision of all working positions with experienced workers.
    • Adjustment of the system of remuneration of workers and housekeeping check.
    • Preparation of business plans, assistance in their implementation and evaluation.
    • Full responsibility, not only for correctness of procedures, but also for achievement of partial targets.

    Creation of sales representation with subsequent sale to a foreign partner

    • Sharing of initial costs between business partners eliminates financial risks and time intensity of supervision by the foreign company management.
    • Premium price for purchase of efficient sales representation with clear history is a strong motivation factor for the seller and a cost-attractive alternative for the foreign company which minimized the foundation risk.
    • During building of the sales representation, the foreign partner can already lay its claims on the branch functioning; then it does not need do execute complex reorganization with an uncertain result when purchasing the company.
    • The foreign partner can re-evaluate its decision any time, not take over the sales representation into its property and continue with the cooperation in another form (co- partnership, Principal-Agent sales representation).
    • Unique form of internationalisation with precisely checked costs and risks, without high demands on operative management on the part of foreign partners.

    Sales representation of a foreign partner by the Principal – Agent form

    • Low costs of entry in the market of the CEE region without risk accumulation
    • Immediate representation by a team of experienced professionals
    • High-efficient internal company processes verified in practice
    • Excellent knowledge of the local environment and extensive network of contacts
    • Transparent and highly professional services