• iron03

    The PUNCHPRESS multi-punch turret was created as a result of the demand for improved production times in respect to traditional sheet-based punching machines. As far as production volumes and running costs are concerned, a coil-based production line equipped with a PUNCHPRESS multi-punch turret is positioned between traditional sheet-based punching machines (appropriate for batches of up to 500/1000 pieces) and press and die production (appropriate for optimised batches over 5000/10000 pieces). The line is consists of a decoiler complete with a coil loading group, a rectifier, and an electronic roller feed. Hydraulic shears the punched strip. IRON offers a variety of solutions for handing punched sheets obtained in this ways, for example, a conveyor belt to move the sheets, a stacking system to either store the sheets in packs or transfer them to a forming press, forming systems and tangential forming systems that are capable of forming the sheets both longitudinally and transversally. The PUNCHPRESS multi-punch turret is completely controlled by a CNC and is equipped with digital Brushless AC motors that allow the X axis (feed) to reach a maximum speed of 120m/min. and the Y axis (turret) to reach a maximum speed of 90m/min. The operating time for each stroke is 80 ms. The maximum obtainable nibbling rate is 450 c/1′. A tolerance of ± 0.1 mm is allowed. The PUNCHPRESS multi-punch turret can be equipped with three punch sizes and two punch forces (80 Kn and 120 Kn). The turret is also set-up enable rapid changeover of the punch/die group. A conveyor belt is used to remove the scrap.