• iron10
    Built in three strip widths and three conformations, the lino normally comprises a motorized decoiler, coli Loading cradle, input unit, 19 or 21 roller flattening machine, feed-in table, electronic roller advance guillotine shears, stacker, batch Loading table and take-off conveyor
    Stacker length varies according to customer requirements, from a minimum of 2000 mm to a maximum of 12000 mm, minimum cutting length 400mm. Three working speeds are available: 0 to20m/min.; 0 to 40m/min.; 0 to 60 m/min. All the flattening machines have double counter rollers; the upper section is mobile and the lower one has deforming rollers for both positive and negative transversal flattening.
    Two series of flattening machines are available: with 19 rollers, diameter 56, tor standard metals and with 21 rollers, diameter45, far fragile metals such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, etc. The machines all have centralized lubrication, with continuous recycling tor transmission.
    The electronic advancer is run by a CNC located on an electric console box which contains controls for all the manual and automatic functions. An electric power box completes the line, which also includes guillotine shears, stacker and loading table, with or without a batch take-off conveyor All functions are powered by a suitable rated Oleodynamic power pack. Cutting length precision is ± 0,1 per thousand. Squaring precision is adjustable.