• A complete range of solutions to deburr and satinise metal surfaces.

    Innovative design for excellent production performance.

    Topmetal is designed to meet all deburring and sanitizing demands, including heavyduty machining.

    Wet processing is ideal for customers requiring very high quality fi nishes such as preparation of surfaces for mechanical polishing, chrome-plating and other galvanising processes.


    Topmetal contact rollers are available with a diameter of 250 mm or 320 mm. The latter, thanks to the larger contact surface with the workpiece being processed and greater ability to absorb any defects on the abrasive belt joint, are specifi cally indicated for all applications requiring very high quality fi nishes.

    The contact rollers are available in bare steel or with a oil and heat resistant rubber coating (with hardness from 20 to 85 shores). They are also fi tted with a special helicoidal grooving, optimised to ensure proper cooling, to improve ejection of machining residues.


    The innovative planetary unit is designed to meet the most complex demands when deburring and rounding edges. Fitted with special brushes, the unit can also be used to obtain original types of sheet metal surface
    fi nish.

    The movements of the unit (brush rotation, brush holder disc rotation and head sideways movement) are managed by separate motors, all controlled by inverters. Therefore you can choose the most suitable speed combination depending on the specifi c type of operation required.

    The quick-release system for the brush disks, tried and tested for long periods on SCM numerical control machining centres, enables rapid tooling of the machine and at the same time provides maximum reliability and safety of the locking mechanism.

    Precision mechanics

    Drive transmission is achieved using mechanical gears only, without the use of belts, to ensure maximum effi ciency and reliability even during heavy-duty deburring operations.


    Topmetal is fi tted with a unit in the outfeed area to clean and pre-dry the workpieces. The device consists of a set of nozzles for cleaning using an emulsion, a twin pair of rubber-coated counteracting motorized rollers and an air blade system powered by an electroventilator positioned on the top of the machine. For specifi c drying requirements, the system can be fi tted with resistances to heat theair flow.


    All machine devices and operations are managed by the powerful “Hydra V-Pad” and “Hydra PC” electronic controls with touchscreen. The user interface, specifi cally designed by specialist DMC software engineers, ensures use of Topmetal is very easy and intuitive. This enables the least experienced operators to use the machine in full under maximum safety conditions. The numerous operating programs available enable Topmetal to be set-up for all types of processing very quickly and without errors.

    Topmetal can be supplied with a control panel fi tted on the machine or a separate electric cabinet. The former reduces the overall dimensions of the machine to a minimum, whereas the latter facilitates insertion of the machine in line processes, with automatic workpiece movement. Suitable isolation of electronic components is ensured in both cases.


    To ensure separation of metal particles and recycling of the cooling liquid, Topmetal uses a fabric/non-fabric fi lter with an automatic reel unwinding system. Alternative types of fi lters are available for machines intended for more intensive uses

    Topmetal is also fitted with a safety cartridge fi lter to prevent processing waste from being accidentally placed back into circulation. This would damage the fi nish of the workpieces and compromise the efficiency of the nozzles. Two pressure gauges, infeed and outfeed, enable efficient monitoring of the condition of the cartridge.


    Electronic adjustment of the operating units is achieved with linear stepper motors, managed by the machine control PLC via CAN BUS connection. This is the best solution to ensure fast and precise positioning of units with reliability over time.

    The abrasive belt electronic centring system is managed by a very reliable and precise background suppression photocell. A timed blower ensures the device maintains the best conditions of use at all times.

    The cooling liquid is emitted from the special batteries of nozzles located in the infeed and outfeed areas of every operator unit. The system is optimised to ensure proper cleaning and cooling of the processing area. This means better quality fi nishes and greater durability of the abrasive belts.


    The stainless steel tank, located under the worktable, collects the used cooling liquid and conveys it towards the filter unit. The special design of the tank prevents any loss of the liquid which may affect correct machine functioning

    The air fi ltering unit located on top of the machine separates the metal particles from the oil mist produced during the processing cycle and enables recycling of the emulsifi ed cooling liquid. This device is vital to ensure suitable health and safety conditions in the processing environment.

    All the electronic and pneumatic components on Topmetal are located very rationally to ensure maximum ease of access and prevent at the same time any possibility of contact with the cooling liquid.


    Investment in a DMC grinding machine is not just the simple purchase of some machinery. Above all it means establishing a partnership with one of Italy’s leading industrial groups thus giving access to the exclusive services offered by the advanced R&D centre recently unveiled by the company at the Thiene facility near Vicenza. The operating area of the facility is managed by highly specialist personnel and is equipped with sophisticated tools to analyse materials to be processed and the various types of abrasives. The large number of machines on show means the centre can perform any type of deburring or satinizing test to provide customers with detailed information very quickly concerning the best way to approach any processing problems and provide the new fi nishes now required by the market